YouTuber Donated $1 Million Worth of Food to Food Banks

Things are getting out of hand… And because the shelves are being depleted at such a fast speed, the elderly and weak have been left behind in stocking up on their daily groceries.

Many troubled people are now having to rely on food banks to get their day-to-day groceries… And this is really a terrifying time for the disadvantaged.

We cannot believe not being able to buy our groceries… And the most critical part is that the food banks that so many now rely on are extended to their limits and they are striving.

Many food banks have found it more difficult than ever to boost contributions from the public… And because there are so many people out there stockpiling, the donations have taken a fast drop in the last few weeks.

But thanks to a select few…

There have been some unbelievable donations made, and one of these people is Mr Beast. YouTuber Donated $1 Million whose actual name is Jimmy Donaldson.

And he’s pretty victorious going by his 33.6 million subscribers. The YouTuber posted a video to his channel last week…

YouTuber Donated $1 Million

YouTuber Donated $1 Million worth of food to food banks in various areas throughout the country such as North Carolina.

He broke down the scope of the circumstances to his followers… Conversing at the start of his video, he said, “Due to recent events, lots of people have started to hoard food, and when you hoard food, you donate less.”

Mr Beast determined to donate a lot of food to support the food banks cope under the current stress. He packed 6 Smithfields trucks to the brim of food, including bacon, sausages, canned goods, and dried foods such as cereals and pasta. To put that into view…

That’s the equivalent of 1 million meals.

The video follows Mr Beast’s mission in giving all of the food to each location…

He is seen speaking with the Smithfield program manager Jonathan and asking viewers to donate and support more donations as part of Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

It only takes $1… For every $1 donated to the store, Smithfield will present one more serving of protein to food banks in insufficiency.

If Mr. Beast’s audience can help build a total of $1 million for the fund, Smithfield will double its donation, giving two meals for every $1 donated.

Watch his incredible video here…

And we want to acknowledge the YouTuber for improving so many lives with his large donation.