You Can Rent an Entire castle for $117

In recent times, Airbnb has truly taken off – and with excellent reason. Not only does it provide us to save a tremendous amount of money in contrast to overpriced hotels, but the Airbnb also invites to the nosey parker in us all. But the latest place to hit Airbnb allows more of a feast for the eyes than most. There’s a castle in San Bernadino accessible to rent – for a surprisingly inexpensive price.

In the past, there were restricted choices for holiday accommodation.

If you were exploring, you had little choice aside from to stay in a hotel.

And while a hotel stay is an attractive luxury …

There’s one significant downside. Many tend to have prices inclining toward the expensive side – making travel typically unaffordable for many.

Until Airbnb, that is.

Founded in 2008, the online travel accommodation marketplace has completely transformed the business. Through the site, anyone can book affordable home pretty much everywhere on earth.

And Includingngside the lowered price tag?

There’s another indisputable benefit. While hotels serve to be fairly general, visiting in someone’s home is always an aesthetic surprise.

This isn’t your conventional home.

It’s a lot more extraordinary than that.

This is the “Castle in the Forest.”

Located in Skyforest, San Bernadino, it’s pretty AWESOME.

The property is a huge, ten thousand square feet.

Here’s the kitchen.

Cooking a meal in this place is a fantasy.

There’s a private pub.

We can visualize this room would be the scene of lots of fun.

The castle has been renovated in a classical style.

This gives it an absolutely fantastic look and feel.

Living space is also amazing.

The interior decor is so lovely.

It really seems like a fairytale.

All meal would be an experience.

Relaxing around this table with loved ones seems like a perfect way to spend an evening.