You Can Now Get Married in McDonald’s for $500

Now, some of you may well want your wedding day to be a thirty thousand dollar party. Apparently, that’s how much the common wedding values in the U.S. Do you know how many Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets that could get you?

There is a valid reason that I am examining the price of a wedding with the cost of McDonald’s nugs… You can now get married in Mcdonalds. Now, I’m not talking about munching in there for a cheeky cheeseburger after the celebration, I’m talking about holding the whole wedding in the restaurant.

He was a boy…

Coolly sitting in a Mcdonalds, alone, eating those salty, salty fries.

She was a girl…

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To quote the first incarnation of Avril Lavigne: “Can I make it anymore obvious…”

It’s true, though…

Love really can bloom in Mcdonald’s.

This is exactly why the fast-food giant has chosen that their restaurants would make the perfect location for wedding receptions.

“McDonald’s is where their love stories grew.”

Mcdonald’s spokesperson, Jessica Lee, told CNBC: “We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating.”