Inspirational Story Of The World’s First Female Bodybuilder

It took Laura 17 years to come out of her self imposed hiatus to once again embrace her dreams of participating in the pro bodybuilding stage. In these 17 years, the arena has gone through many changes and overhauls, particularly with respect to female pro bodybuilding because of the IFBB. But despite her tumultuous preparation and daunting routine, Laura Carolan won the stage – and at the age of 62 no less! Laura is to bodybuilding what Arnold was once to men’s bodybuilding. She is hailed as the perfect combination of pure musculature, balanced physique and her sweet nature. She has fans in all corners of the world.Making a comeback after 2012 was always hard, especially because she was already in her 50s and there was only so much her body could take before collapsing with all the strain suddenly placed on them. But Laura was determined!After being guided under the trusting hands of coach Darren, Laura found herself to be in her peak shape, at the age of 51! She went on to bag the 8th position at the Tama Pro for the best female body builders in the world!