Woman Who Helped Her Boyfriend to Kill Himself Released From Jail

A huge moment in a case that horrified the public. Michelle Carter, who was sentenced to involuntary manslaughter back in 2017, released from jail today.  

Called as the “texting-suicide case,” today signifies something of an end to the story that started back in July 2014.

In 2017, Michelle Carter was at the focus of a case that disturbed the state.

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The Massachusetts Supreme Court sentenced the young woman of involuntary manslaughter for “reassuring” her boyfriend’s suicide via text messages, reports NBC News.

Conrad Roy III was an eighteen-year-old American marine salvage captain.

Roy’s death on July 13, 2014, was supposedly backed by his then 17 years old long-distance girlfriend, Michelle Carter, whom he had been seeing since 2012. 

You may remember the case as the “texting suicide case.”

Named Commonwealth v. Michelle Carter, the case included tracks of phone calls and texts at the moment of Roy’s suicide.

Carter demanded Roy when he was quitting on his own life more than forty times, prosecutors said.

At the moment, Carter was nearly a month out of a psychiatric hospital when she “baited” Roy into taking his life.

And she was confined to fifteen months for her 2017 conviction.

The high court ordered that she was at responsibility for Roy’s suicide.

According to the high court: “The proof toward the defendant explained that, by her heedless behavior, she provoked the victim’s death by suicide.”

The statement proceeded:

“Her punishment of unintentional manslaughter as a young offender is not lawfully or constitutionally infirm. The judgment is therefore declared.”

While on the phone with Carter, Roy breathed carbon monoxide in his Ford-250 truck.