Woman Shocked as Husband Gets Tattoo of Her Snoring

Getting a tattoo can be dangerous. In this day and age, it is simple to just jump into a salon and ask an expert to give you one, even if you’re not in the best stage of thought. And yeah, it might seems playful when you’re in the time, but when you wake up the following day with a stamp firmly inked on you, that’s when the disappointment starts seeping in.

Meet James McGraw.

He’s a forty-year-old window-cleaner with a different hobby.

He uses his free moments pranking his wife.

But did he take it over too far this time?

James decided, in order to convert to the final prankster in their relationship, he would get an inflexible image of Kelly tattooed on his body.

And when I say inflexible… I’m being kind.

It’s just one of these photos you presumably never want to see of yourself.

Earlier, she had got him good…

Before he determined to get his vengeance with the horrific tattoo, Kelly had previously pranked him a terrible haircut before he went on holiday.

James was ready to complete a charity walk in Morocco.

The forty-year-old was ridiculed for his haircut after he let his wife take command of it.