Weirdest Activities People Have Done While in Lockdown

Most of us have been in lockdown for over a week now, and it’s growing more and more apparent that this is not how people were intended to live. We’re getting uncanny. Truly, seriously uncanny. 

It sets out that lingering at home is boring. We’re all changing to some odd ways to keep ourselves occupied. And don’t even start on how disturbing family members are. Weirdest Activities People Have Done While in Lockdown.

But if there’s one character who understands how to make us laugh no matter what’s going down, it’s our guy Jimmy Fallon. He asked the Internet what they’re exploring with all this weariness. And in true Internet practice, people delivered. If you’re scanning for ideas of how to stay occupied (or what not to do) check out these marvellous examples of #ImSoBored to get some motivation.

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It all began with Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show Fallon✔@jimmyfallon

He’s been getting home stories of his program to keep the environment entertained, and with this hashtag, he truly hit a gold well. A simple task: “Tell us a ridiculous thing you’ve done to pass the time in quarantine, and tag it with #ImSoBoredI.” But the outcomes are astounding.