Weird Bouquet Trend for Valentine’s Day

People have begun an unfamiliar trend for Valentine’s day, and everyone’s going mad for it. Which is these bouquet filled with edible stuff.

What really is the purpose behind Valentine’s day?

It’s no surprise that card and flower companies utilize Valentine’s day for all it’s deservings, but the day itself appears to have a rich history.

Who is St. Valentine?

It all began in the third century… a guy named Claudius; he stopped his people from getting married because he thought it made his warriors weaker.

Someone wants a touch.

One of Claudius’ Roman ministers – St. Valentine – felt this was out of order, and began partnering the soldiers behind his tail.

When Claudius discovered out about St. Valentine’s disloyalty, he was condemned to jail. Funnily enough, this is where he saw the love of his life.

The love of his life came out to be the jailer’s daughter, which was clearly restricted.

Things intensified.

St. Valentine was condemned to death. It’s what he did before his execution that shaped the custom of Valentine’s day.

He sent a love letter.

Nowadays, it’s a way for people to show their love and gratitude for the specific people in their lives. And a way for large companies to turn the holiday into a huge money-making event.

It’s insane how much people pay.

According to the National Retail Federation, people are exacted to spend an average of $161 on Valentine’s day.

It doesn’t just ought to be a box of chocolates or a teddy bear.

Valentine’s day has seen several people around the globe celebrate the day in amazing ways, to show the special one that they care.

Here are just 15 of the best.

Traveling with your partner.

People have begun moving to different places around the planet to share their love of cultures with each other. I have to agree, I’d much rather spend my money on an experience preferably than book a meal in an overpopulated restaurant.

Cupid costume.

This might not be something you want your spouse to do for you, or even wear in the same place as you, but this trend of outfitting as Cupid has become pretty famous at Valentine’s day parties. If you’re not really the passionate type, this could be just the thing you want.

“Quirkyalone Day.”

This is primarily a singles recognition day. It has created a space for people who are concentrating on enjoying themselves or people who haven’t encountered the one yet. It’s a great idea to create a reason to give yourself the care and love you want.