Doctors Warn:Wearing Headphones Too Long Can Cause Ear Blackheads

Blackheads are always scary in any shape or form. They are annoying little clusters of black dots that clog your ‘invisible’ hair follicles. You definitely have experienced them on your face, nose, or chin. But did you ever heard that you can get ear blackheads? Like the nose and chin, your ears actually have a lot of the same sebaceous glands – i.e., tiny glands that release natural oil into your hair follicles for lubrication. In a case as bad as in the video, many of us think that won’t happen to me. However, as you’ve now seen, these tiny blackheads can become quite a big problem when neglected.The Doctors’ Tips for Preventing Blackheads in Ear.Wash your ears when you’re in the shower.Don’t wear earbuds for extended periods of time.Regularly clean your ear earbuds.Wipe the accumulated grit, grime, and grease off your phone screen.