Walmart Shopper Coughs and Spits on Workers Over Billing Fight

Way too many people throughout the globe have been left without groceries due to the ultimate stockpiling that people have been doing through this global pandemic.

This has created tensions to go high, and one shopper recently dropped their cool and took out their disappointments on Walmart workers in the worst tolerable way.

People have been hoarding everything. Canned goods, fruit, vegetables, fresh meat, frozen meat… You name it.

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And because the shelves are being depleted at such a quick movement, the old and weak have been left behind in stocking up on their regular supplies. This is wrong…

Steve Blake@CombatPhot

“Glad I got to #Costco early today, to beat the majority of cretins, who are all hell-bent on stockpiling!

Get a grip, people! Don’t sneeze on each other and wash your hands! Basic hygiene will resolve this, you dirty horrible lot!!!!

Fighting to find basic foods supplies is mad And to think that people had easier access to food back in the war is utterly disgraceful.

Of course… This extreme form of buying has caused stresses to run high.

People are feeling the strain more than ever… And the most trivial of things can now make a person clasp. Shocking footage has surfaced newly from a Walmart in California.

The video confers an irate woman fighting with the person on the checkout over her total bill. It is a remarkably tense site…

And the woman can be overheard asking her voice as she checks her shopping receipt – clearly, there’s something on there that she doesn’t correspond with.