Vegan Is Traumatized of Eating Pizza with Ham on It

Another day, another grumpy vegan.

The vegan uproar of the week comes all the way from the land down under – Sydney, to be specific – where a young man accidentally ate some ham on his pizza.


The man, who has been vegan for 4 years, ordered a plant-based pizza from the pizza chain, Dominoes. However, notwithstanding being convinced numerous times that the meaty-looking pieces on his pizza were simply meat-replacements, it came out that they were, in fact, real pieces of ham.

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Understandably, the inexperienced vegan was terrified because he had eaten the full thing before he realized.

via: Getty

The pizza chain, which operates in over eighty-five countries across the world, has newly jumped on the vegan world by starting a fully plant-based menu for their vegan clientele.