Vague Dark Movies We Shouldn’t Have Seen as Kids

The ‘80s and ‘90s were a golden age for kids’ films. Between Disney, Jim Henson, and Nickelodeon there was nevermore a boring time in children’s life.

These are the times that moulded us, and made us speak, why the heck was that in a children’ movie!? These are a list of some Questionable Dark Movies We Shouldn’t Have watched as Kids.

Labyrinth (1986)

This contemporary fairy-tale follows 16-year-old Sarah as she is sedated, gaslit, and touched by bodiless hands on her walk through an obstacle-ridden puzzle to save her infant sibling.

The wrong narrative holding the connection between Sarah and Jareth, the Goblin King performed by David Bowie who captured Sarah youngest bro, is a captivating journey of deleterious power dynamics, but it’s a little complicated for a movie where most of the figures are moppets.

Ghostbusters (1984)

You might imagine a film starring four of the general rich synchronous comedians would be an entertainment, but Ghostbusters is really a horror movie. The so-called ghosts, which involve scary dogs, possessive characters, and a slew of other creeps with rotting flesh and bright eyes, are legitimately horrifying.

The film uses the same specific effects engaged in An American Werewolf In London — a horror movie! The series’s bathtub scene gives me goosebumps to this time.