You Will Be Amazed To See The Top 9 Tallest Women In The World

Humans come in different size and shapes. There are people who have the height of tall towers while some people are short.There are so many tall men in the World also the globe has been blessed with so many tallest Women. A good height is often seen a gift it is often considered as an advantage to the persons personality.However it can become a little problem for tall people when they have to deal with health issues , Clothes , Footwear and plenty of other things that they might not enjoy their heights .

These are 9 of the tallest women in the world.

Heather Greene (6 ft 5.5 in) residing in Las Vegas is originally from Holland. She reached at her peak height when she was only 15 years old. Embracing her ultimate height, Greene has made a living thanks to her unusual height.


Rita Miniva Besa (6 ft 8 in). Besa’s lofty height prompted her to move from Zimbabwe to the United States to pursue Basketball. Besa’s tall stature has proven to be quite the advantage. 


Caroline Welz (6 ft 9 in). Welz holds the title for being the tallest woman in Germany. Welz has taken part in various modeling gigs and has also made some television appearances, including Access Hollywood back in 2013.