Top 9 Most EXPENSIVE Diamonds In The World

Expensive Diamonds have always been the center of attention from the early Kingdoms. Diamond is an expensive product and you can instantly become a millionaire if you ever get your hands on some rare diamonds. These diamonds are the most expensive diamonds ever found on the planet earth. They look extremely gorgeous and all of them holds a fortune. Let’s take a look at the most expensive diamonds of the World .

The Moussaieff Red Diamond : $ 7 Millions

expensive diamonds

Moussaieff Red Diamond is 5.11 carats (1.022 g) diamond which is cut in triangular shape. It is rated as Fancy Red in color by the Gemological Institute of America. Moussaieff is relatively small compared to other expensive diamond.

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The Heart of Eternity : $16 Millions

expensive diamonds

Heart of Eternity is a 27.64 carats (5.528 g) rated as expensive diamond with a Fancy color Vivid Blue by the Gemological Institute of America. This diamond is very rare class of colored diamond. This was found in premier diamond mine in South Africa.