Tinder to Add a Panic Button If You Feel Unsafe on a Date

The dating and relationship app, Tinder, has put its measure down when it gets to unsafe dating by partnering with a safety company that will provide users with their own “panic button” if they were ever to feel uneasy or unsafe or in emergency while out on a date.

Long gone are the times where you meet your soul mate out in a bar or in your neighborhood coffee shop… These times, pure love is found online.

Finding a companion is now at the tip of your thumbs…

All you need to do is select your best photograph…A staggering number of relationships are started online these days…So, obviously, the online method of finding love is doing something right.

Online dating doesn’t exist without its dangers.

Matching up with strangers off the internet has always carried with it a negative stigma, and it isn’t difficult to see why.

It can be incredibly dangerous.