This Nutella Hotel is Your Fantasy

We all are crazy about our chocolate spread, Nutella, which is hugely popular around the world and there is no better way to treat yourself than eating this heavenly made desert. That’s what I like to call it but for some, it’s a cheat day or a heartbreak sure.

This has been around since the 1960s. It even has its own special day, World Nutella Day on February 5th. There is nothing better than going down to the store and stocking up on the hazelnut chocolatey goodness.

But now, dedicated fans of the famous hazelnut spread will be ready to satisfy their yearnings in a totally new way… by staying into the brand new Hotella Nutella in California. The hotel is being labeled as “the final breakfast destination” for superfans of the well-known spread. But the news is more delicious than ever, as the hotel is set to open very shortly.

Nutella is apparently one of the most beloved chocolate spreads out there.

The delicious and yummy treat is produced by Ferrero.

The Italian organization also provides other popular chocolatey presents such as Kinder products and Ferrero Rocher.

But Nutella has garnered a cult following.

And if you’re wondering why – well, just look at it! This rich, chocolatey, hazelnutty spread is pretty much what dreams are made of.

The tasty spread is composed to be spread on toast.