This Is How ‘The Karate Kid’ Stars Have Transformed

This movie holds special place in our heart because The Karate Kid was part of our childhood memories. The stars of this movie have also transformed with time .

Even if you have watched this movie over hundred times this will still look as the movies was released few days ago. It’s hard to believe that it was eight years ago when ‘The Karate Kid’ got released on the big screen. Take a look at how much the stars, we once admired, have changed from their early days. And what are they up to now?

Take a look!

 Mr Han | Jackie Chan

Most of you may have noticed in this movie, to teach Dre some manners, his master Mr Han asks him to follow the ‘jacket routine.’ It wasn’t the part of the script, but Jackie Chan suggested it.

How Does Mr Han Look Now

Jackie Chan is not only a good actor he is also blessed with a good Voice. After being away from the music industry for almost 15 years, Jackie Chan is making a comeback to vocals and will soon be releasing a new album by the end of this year.

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Taraji P Henson as Sherry Parker | The Karate Kid 

The Karate Kid’ is an American title of the movie. This is to maintain the connection with the earlier films, which are loosely based on the same subject, even though the movie takes place in China and the martial arts shown in the movie is a form of kung fu.

What is she doing now?

The actress has spotted in films after the success of The Karate Kid. Some of her notable works include films like Hidden Figures, which was released in 2016 and FOX television show, Empire.