The Rock Washing His Daughter’s Hands While Singing Perfect Quarantine Content

It’s secure to say that we are currently all feeling the weights of the virus outbreak. But while we’re all fastened in self-isolation, celebrities are supporting us keep entertained.

From sensible live streams to full-blown concerts, I’ve collected a list of some of the best ways celebrities have kept our attention off the current pandemic, including The Rock, who has kept our hearts with his fatherly love.

1. Kevin Bacon

The actor and artist newly posted this video to his Instagram in order to support the idea that we must all #StayHome for our cherished ones. Everyone’s now supporting the tag!

2. Josh Gad.

Josh Gad has taken some strain out of the support of parents, and into his own, by posting videos of himself reading bedtime stories. It surely is heartwarming.

3. Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba has taken it upon herself to use her platform to support families in insufficiency. Her company is going to be providing 3 million diapers as well as different baby products in order to disperse some love.