Teen Hasn’t Talked to Mom After Tattoo Destroyed Family for over Three Years

The spelling. The position. Everything about this is wrong. This Bon Jovi fail is indirect, but it’s all the more enjoyable for it.

“It’s is now or neveeeeeeer.”If you ever wanted a reason to wait in school, here it is.

Sorry, we mean “scool”.We’re not quite sure what this guy’s intentions were…

But we’re pleased with the results to be really accurate.What should have been a significant tribute to Freddie Mercury turned into something horrific (or entertaining)?

We can’t unsee this.Did someone stomp on this woof’s foot?

He looks in serious illness, poor guy. We’ll be having dreams about this one.

Surely it wasn’t meant to look like that…Horrifying.

We have a feeling that this tattoo directed out exactly as he wanted it to but it’s still terrible– it’s still a large fail in our eyes. No thank you. This girl’s intentions were good…

But this is a massive fail. We’re cringing for her!

And the tattoo could also settle her dad in jail – as she was underage at the time and he gave her consent.

Her mum alleges that parental consent was given without her consent.

Her mum pulled her dad to court because of the tattoo.

Originally he was accredited with assault causing actual bodily harm and injuring a person with the intent to cause severe bodily harm…

The following change has since been released but the assault one continues open and could ground the truck driver in prison for five years.