Teen Hasn’t Talked to Mom After Tattoo Destroyed Family for over Three Years

Tattoos are more prevalent than ever right now – unless you’re this girl’s mom.

The story concludes that this teen got a tattoo on her leg and as a consequence, her mother hasn’t talked to her in years and her father might be going to prison.

Keep scrolling to check out the tattoo for yourself. Tattoos are more famous now than ever.

So it’s no surprise that we’re seeing so many tattoo fails around these days!

But while this story is not exactly a fail, it is a tale of how one tattoo ruined a family. But first.

Here’s a few statistics about tatts you surely didn’t know.

In a 2018 study that studied eighteen different countries, Dalia found knowledge about rates of tattoos around the world.

Some of them were shocking…The study found that 38% of respondents had at least one tattoo.

Some of them were forced to fail, we guess. And young people didn’t have the highest rate of tattoos.

32% of respondents that were matured fourteen to twenty-nine had a tattoo and 45% of people with tattoos were grown thirty to forty-nine. Tattoos were found to be more common among those who professed to have high levels of education.

32% of respondents with tattoos maintained to be highly educated; 26% claimed to have a low level of knowledge. Italy has the highest number of tattooed people at 48%.

Sweden came in second place at 47% and the US came third with 46%. And obviously, 72% of tattoo owners don’t dislike getting their tattoo.

What? That one came as a serious confusion– especially having seen this awful tattoo fails! Let’s begin with one of our personal faves.

For sure the tattooist knew that this wasn’t what she meant…

Although we kind of disbelief that the artist behind this odd tattoo was a professional.“Only God Will Juge Me”

“Pretty sure there’s some kinda ointment for that,” one reddit-user wrote. Yikes.“Sweet Pee”