Teen Buys First Home at just 19 From Working at McDonald’s

They’re manufacturing back some of the best toys from the Happy Meals of days gone by. Here’s a sneak peek.

It’s clear they’ve put a lot of attention into the toys they’ve taken, with many fan favorites to pick from. Can you see your best-loved amongst the choices? Some fan faves are featured.

Like the Hamburglar, who is back in the figure of a small action structure. We’ve missed him! But that’s not the most exciting.

Furby also made a return – who could disremember about Furby! And McDonald’s customers were absolutely delighted.

Sure, the toys aren’t actually that excellent – but the playing into our nostalgia factor is truly staggering. And there’s one group who sincerely loves a happy meal.

And that’s those who have already built a pretty impressive Happy Meal toy collection can ultimately fill some gaps they’ve been troubled about for decades!

You have to hand it to McDonald’s – they sure know how to keep customers faithful.McDonald’s is just a part of our life.

And we all know someone who’s worked there at one point. But what you probably don’t know.

Is somebody who has worked there and arranged to buy their first home while still just a teenager. Meet Madison Pickering.