Student Creates Face Masks for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing People

During this period of doom and despair, it’s exhilarating to see something positive for a change.

This week, a college student has been designing face masks for the deaf and difficult of hearing and our spirits are fresh and truly melted.

Right now, face masks are in notable high need… While they aren’t shown to effectively protect us from COVID-19, numerous people are opting to don them nonetheless.

And some have been being creative and creating their own. Gillian Martin@GillianMSP

But there is one enormous issue with the design…JD Brooks@JD_the_writer I have a friend who is unhearing, and he goes at a grocery store to work. You can’t assume the crap he’s had to buy with from ignorant customers who don’t realise he can’t read their lips behind face masks.

They really make life notably challenging for the deaf and difficult of hearing population. Why? They make it impracticable to be able to lip-read someone considering the whole of the mouth is totally covered up.

This makes talking even harder. Viewing all the coronavirus screening by PHONE on TV coverage. What are deaf people thought to do? During SARS, I was left sobbing, raging with fever and soaked with sweat in the hospital lobby as I could not reply to the questions from a man in face mask who declined to write. Definitely something necessitates being done about this, right?

Well, one college senior has brought it upon herself to make a distinction.

Twenty-one-year-old Ashley Lawrence, a college senior from Versailles, has built a project intended to help the deaf and hard of listening population.