Starved Elephant Forced to Parade Has Died

The use of elephant and other wild animals in world events such as circuses and festivals has actively been discussed over the last few years, and many nations have made it illegal to use wild animals in forceful conditions that these events require.

The damage and misery that animals go through at the hands of the television industry are truly unacceptable, and it’s distressing that it still happens to this very day.

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Recent footage of an aged elephant in Sri Lanka that has now passed away has millions around the globe and has shown the severe facts of the lives of animals used, forcefully, for performances and entertainment.

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These types of recreation include circuses, festivals, hunting, dog fighting, aquariums, zoos, and even fishing.

All of these methods go against animals’ will, which is what makes them much more questionable today.


Zoos that are supposed to be wildlife parks for threatened species and systems that are designed to guard animals are here for a great purpose and support members of the public access to view and enjoy seeing these wild animals.