Squirrels Take Over Park During Lockdown

This came from the incorrect information being broadcasted that cats and dogs could pass on the virus. 5 cats were thrown to their deaths in Shanghai, and 1 dog was found dead in Tianjin City in the Hebei Province.

Even though all creatures carry the risk of passing infections and viruses… It has been established that there has been no indication at all to imply that any animals, including pets, livestock, or wildlife, might be a cause of infection.

It is necessary to stay well, of course… So it has been additionally suggested to wash hands at all times when around pets and other animals, and to take pets for usual check-ups at the vets.

But there has been an astonishing upside to the pandemic. As humans stay indoors and stop using and poisoning, nature has started to improve.

Swans came back too! And that’s not all. 65tTons of turtles survived to hatch on a beach, uninterrupted by human activity. Even more amusingly?

In a town in Wales, UK, a group of mountain goats came to attend. It appears animals are really profiting from this lockdown.

But the latest animal restoration might be the cutest yet. Because it includes some severely adorable squirrels.

As humans in Santa Monica stay inside … The squirrels have made a victorious return! The parks have been abandoned.

That is When the humans are away …