Squirrels Take Over Park During Lockdown

Although the pandemic is terrifying and painful, there are some positive effects to everybody staying inside …

We are in the middle of a global pandemic. Since December 2019, the explosion of the virus has made our world to a halt.

The world is currently in a HUGE panic… After it was established that the virus had started from the sale and eating of wild animals, and now attention turned towards our own furry friends.

Some virus forces are common in specific types of animals… But this hasn’t stopped the confusion over our beloved pets catching the virus.

A few months ago, rumours started to circulate that cats and dogs could pass the virus… And with us humans being as over-protective as we are, people went to extreme measures to protect their loved pets.

Unacceptable, we must say. But things began to get more serious… Last month, news came in that out of fear of getting the virus, owners in China threw their pets from rooftops.