What Does The Size Of Your Pinky Finger Say About You?

Why do you think the size of our little fingers varies? If it meant nothing, wouldn’t it have been the same for all of us?  You may choose to believe in it or not but there are variations when it comes to personalities and the Pinky finger points towards them quite loudly. Type 1:You are the sort of person who is emotionally, sexually, and intellectually balanced. Your thoughts are calm, your decisions well thought out and your opinions are formed after due consideration. Type 2:You are the kind of person who is emotional, sensitive and highly susceptible to feeling hurt from those you trust the most. You are the sort of person who would go out of their way to help others. Type 3:What it means is that you are the sort of person who always gives more than what’s required of you. Be it your profession, your life or romance, you are the sort of person who would always give more than you have.

Pinky Finger