Shameless Pets That Stole Owner’s Partner And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry

We all love our pets and they really do love us too. Some however love us a little too much. They don’t want anyone coming between them and their favorite humans, and they are not afraid to show it. Some shameless Pets get out of the way and take a place of owners partner.

When Eric Hertlein went to visit his grandma at her Kansas home not long ago, he knew to expect several stray cats on her front porch, where she would always let them hang out.

This time, however, one of these kitties was not like the others. Upon closer inspection, in fact, it wasn’t a cat at all.Without even knowing, Eric’s grandma had been caring for a small opossum the entire time. “She reassured me it was one of her cats,” he told The Dodo. “I told her it wasn’t what she thought it was.” The sweet woman even named him Tete, and though she was shocked to realize the truth, she didn’t mind too much at all. “Well, he hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m OK with him being here!” she reportedly exclaimed. SOURCE:BOREDPANDA