Selena Gomez Shares Secret Messages to Mark Zuckerberg About Hate on Facebook

Selena Gomez is one of the most massive stars alive right now through both her music and her love life.

And for a long period, Gomez held the record of most maximum Instagram followers of all time.

However with an audience that huge, you’re likely to attract some trolls who don’t have many kind words to say – and that was the problem.

Selena was especially upset at how Facebook and Instagram allow so much hate and misleading news. She was so annoyed that she even wrote out to Mark Zuckerberg himself and shared the communications online.

The Texas-born singer is one of the biggest names in the society for a number of purposes. Her music, her Instagram, and her, ahem, interesting dating history. But now, she’s single!

And since then she has obviously had a lot of time to speculate on why that may be. And, let’s just say, she didn’t hold back.

The “Come and Get It” singer lately cleared up about her singular relationship status, and she made some pretty awkward comments regarding her old flames. Now, Selena has been romantically involved with many famous faces…

Taylor Lautner, Orlando Bloom, Niall Horan… Just to name a few. But, of course, there’s one relationship that endures out amongst the rest.