Secret Knowledge That Might Save Your Life

It’s time for some deep knowledge to come your way. The knowledge that can save your life! We’ve gathered a list of weird yet important facts that would come in handy…if the condition ever occurred.

So check out these weird bits of deep knowledge that can save your life. Everyone should know about them, just in case!

Don’t be afraid to throw up.

If you’re ever choking on food in a public venue DO NOT go to the restroom to avoid causing a scene. Almost every death I’ve seen from people choking is found unconscious in a bathroom stall because they were too polite to seek help.


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Rabies isn’t fatal…

If you are ever bitten by a bat, raccoon, fox, or skunk go directly to the hospital. There is no cure for rabies once it is fully onset.


Duck and roll!

If you ever fall/get pushed down from the platform onto the rails at a subway station, try to roll under the platform. Many stations have space there (like little overhang) for exactly that reason.