Reasons behind Hiccups and Goosebumps, Unusual Things Happen In Human Body

Human body has a very complex mechanism and often we feel few strange phenomenons in human body. It starts from Hiccups to goosebumps and many other unusual things. There can be scientific reasons behind hiccups and other unusual things. These reactions are often for the protection of human organs.

These responses are involuntary most of the times and happen in just in a blink of eye and these are routine things which everyone should be aware of. We present you reasons of few unusual things which happen in human body.

Reason Behind Hiccups

Superstitious people often believe that there is someone remembering you when hiccups occur, But they do happen for a scientific reason. It happens when we drink/eat and it goes the wrong way, the pneumococcus nerve can get irritated and cause hiccups.

Reason behind skin prune?

Skin prune usually happens when the skin is exposed to water for a longer period of time.So you are curious why does this happen ? Due to skin prune in the human body gets a better grip, underwater.

Reasons behind goosebumps?

This is an involuntary trait of human body, In this situation the hair straighten as a response to threatening situations or to provide warmth cold weather conditions.