Real Life Popeye May Need To Have His Arms Surgically Removed

Some people will go to any lengths in order to alter their appearance. Many people will spend thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgery. The extremes that some people will go through know no bounds. We see it all of the time, especially on reality TV. However, we bet you have never seen anyone quite like 21-year-old Kirill Tereshin who has become obsessed with developing his massive arms.Russian-born, Kirill Tereshin has been injecting his arm with unhealthy chemicals, and it is starting to affect his health. This former soldier has been dubbed a Real Life Popeye . He has been using synthetic chemicals to make him appear to have huge arm muscles. However, these muscles are just for show. They do not add any strength to his arms.Eventually, if Kirill does not stop, it will end up being too much for his body to handle, and it will result in him having to have his arms amputated. Doctors say that someday abscesses will form then inflammation which will put him at risk of stroke.