Real Life Mowgli Girl Who Grew Up With Animals For The First 10 Years Of Her Life

Amazing photos of the real life Mowgli girl who spent the primary ten years of her life growing up in the African bush, had been released for the first time.

Childhood of a French girl Tippi Degre sounds like a fresh version of The Jungle Book, rather than something real. She was born in Namibia to a wildlife photographer parents, and grew up in Africa.

These Photos in ‘Tippi: My Book of Africa’ are now published worldwide for first time . Pictures show the young girl making friends with an elephant who she calls her brother, and a leopard, her best friend.
She was born in Namibia to French wildlife photographer parents, and grew up in Africa. Tippi spent her childhood playing with wild life Animals lion cubs, a mongoose, a snake, a cheetah and Elephants .

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Tippi saw nothing unusual about the company she had . she once said : “I don’t have friends here. Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends,”

Tippi is now 24 years old, and she is the only child to wildlife photographer parents Sylvie Robert and Alain Degre, They published her photos in a book called Tippi of Africa. “It was magical to be able to be free in this nature with this child. She was a very lucky little girl – she was born and raised until the age of 10 totally in the wild.” said Sylvie.

Real life Mowgli Girl Tippi was todler she got Pictured while drinking her bottle among an elephant herd

Tippi, aged six, with his 34-year-old Elephant Brother Abu

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Tippi sitting with adult leopard she met in Namibia

With a young cheetah in Namibia when she was six