Puppies Examine Aquarium and Meet Fish While It’s Secured to Public

With the majority of states on lockdown, 2 adorable pups from Atlanta’s Humane Society have been great and truly breathing their best life.

Perhaps the cutest till now? 2 pooches were taken on a garden tour to an aquarium and it’s the most delightful thing we’ve seen.

Watching Puppies Examine Aquarium Caramel and Odie is sure to lighten your day. These 2 pups can warm even the most frozen of hearts. Most of the planet is currently using their time at home…

Due to the coronavirus, many regions of the world are taking strict lockdown measures to slow the scope of the virus. The dogs of the world, nevertheless…

Well, they’re having the best experience. With us people at home all day and unable to proceed to work…

Many of our 4-legged friends are celebrating in regular attendance. One charming pup even sprained his tail because of this.

Puppies Examine Aquarium

Yep, really.

The nice little doggo couldn’t understand his interest when every single one in the house was there all the time and sprained his tail as a result of waving it too much.

Tweeting about it, his owner wrote:


Didn’t expect this happen, for those asking, he is currently on pain relief and the vet said he should be treated within a week, this is him on the 2nd day. He is very felicitous and there is now moving from side to side but he is trying to lift it up in the air.