Police Officer Left in Tears After Pig’s Head Dumped on Her Car

A young police officer has yielded her terror and dismay after a severed pig head was left on the cover of her car in a wild and twisted “prank.”

Keep scrolling to see the unexpected act of piracy, and to hear what she’s had to say on the matter…

Now, more than ever before, we need to be watching out for our crisis services. While we are in the middle of a disastrous medical emergency, key workers across all divisions are striving tirelessly to keep the people safe.

Our emergency operators have been extending themselves to shattering point. The continuing medical pandemic has put a huge pressure on our hospitals, where doctors, nurses, and caregivers are selflessly placing themselves out on the front line in the battle against the destructive illness.

While pharmaceutical researchers work tirelessly to find a vaccine for the new virus… Hospital workers have been picking inhumanely long shifts to keep up with the inrush of patients.

Police duties have also been put under increased stress during the pandemic. While the remainder of the world lives isolated inside their homes, our police officers have been courageously taking to the streets to make sure the public is still protected.