Polar Bears Are Being Forced Into Cannibalism

Unless you have been living under a rock, you’ll likely know that our planet isn’t exactly in good condition. In fact, experts have said that heating is now happening at an “unprecedented” scale, with many claiming that human civilization may come to a screeching halt within 3 decades. to not mention the detrimental effect on wildlife. But there’s one species that’s undoubtedly feeling the consequences of worldwide warming quite most – polar bears. Although now, things appear to possess reached new, devastating heights…

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We are within the midst of a global climate change crisis.

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The devastating impacts of worldwide warming and our consistent inability to try and do anything about it’s sending our planet down a really bleak path.

From soaring temperatures to rising sea levels, heating seems to be hitting the headlines quite ever.

Polar Bears

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In the wake of utmost weather and natural disasters last year, The UN warned that we’ve got just twelve years to limit global climate change and stop heating from exceeding the utmost of 1.5C.

Despite stark warnings, many folks seem to bury their heads within the sand on the problem.

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Worryingly, our very own president, Donald Trump, is one in all those people, who continually deny that heating is even a thing within the first place.