Photos Showing Transformation Of Celebrities From Their First Audition

it’s a fact that when you turn into a celebrity, Your struggling period turns into real golden memories. Very well known celebrities we follow used to look just normal before they got the taste of a fame. If you look at their first audition you will find them as normal as any other person.

We have got the photos of celebrities from their first audition’s which show us just how much they transformed over the time.

Scarlett Johansson First Audition

In 1994 Scarlett was first auditioned for the role Judy in the film Jumanji and she set the stage on fire .

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus got fame from the show Hannah Motana. Miley’s originality was greatly appreciated by Disney that they even changed the character’s name to Miley!

Raven Symone

She was first seen in The Cosby Show, but have you ever seen her audition tape? She is adorable since then.