Photos Proving That 2007 Was Very Long Time Ago

There are so many reasons to remember 2007 long bangs, Pink shoelaces .We used to listen to Tokio Hotel and chat with our friends via MSN. We were trying to get used to Windows Vista, and we were waiting for the last Harry Potter book. It’s been 10 years since then.

We have decided to be little nostalgic. We will here compare 2007 with 2017. It is very sad to see that things like this will never be the same again.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne had a rebellious teenage image. In 2017, there is no need to hide her beauty behind spikes and tons of makeup.

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Skateboard and hoverboard

Every cool teenager was supposed to have his own skateboard. In 2017, skateboards are very common and hoverboards aren’t.


The first iPhone was made in 2007. In 2017, millions of people all over the world use it.