Photographer Adds Teeth to Babies Photos and It’s Creepy

A photographer has made our nightmares an existence by photoshopping full sets of grown-up teeth into the photos of newborn babies… And they’re the mysterious, yet entertaining addition to our lives that we never imagined we needed.

What is it that’s just so cute about newborn babies?

Everyone believes babies are cutesy… And if you don’t accept, you’re either lying to yourself or you’re totally a beast.

Or is it their charming, toothless smiles?

So the idea of babies with teeth is a bizarre idea.

But one photographer determined to make this idea an actuality…

By photoshopping full sets of teeth into the happy mouths of toothless, newborn infants. It sounds frightful, I know.

Amy Haehl operates her own photography company, Coffee Creek Studio…

And her company, which is based in Shelbyville, Indiana, practices expertise in wedding photography and, essentially, newborn baby photography.

So her mind began to drift…

And have a little bit of play with her sleepy figures.

She took her toothy plan…

And made it a reality by photoshopping sets of silver whites into the mouths of her models.