Photo Shows Nurses Praying on Hospital Roof Amid Pandemic

The current pandemic has left us in a state of confusion, feeling as though there’s nowhere to turn.

Some people have resorted to religion to provide them with a feeling of direction and comfort through this challenging time. One heartwarming video has gone viral for the best intentions.

This is the most serious pandemic our world has faced in decades. The speedy spread of the virus has prompted global alarm, and millions have been left surviving in lockdown.

A dangerous number of people have died in the last few months… An additional 1,312,283  people are currently affected with the virus globally, and the United States currently continues to have the highest number. People have been coping in strange ways… And many have been praying to God during these unmanageable times.

People’s faith is now stronger than ever…Mark McClurg@Mark_McClurg

“I have some amazing news. I’m leaving the Ulster Hospital. I want to thank everyone for their prayers. I want to thank the staff at the Ulster Hospital for saving my life. I looking forward to enjoying life. Overcome #Coronavirus. Be kind.”

And it has been getting many through these unbelievable times. And even the strength of prayer can make a tremendous difference to someone’s day…P.Daniel Olawande@pdanielolawande

Lord, please have compassion on the nations of the world. Let this coronavirus come to an end. Give our government the enlightenment to go about this.#Coronavirustruth. Even if they aren’t actively holy.