People Can’t Get Over How Much This Woman Looks Like Megan Fox

Probably, it’s some people’s dream to be told they looks like Megan Fox.For some time now, the Jennifer’s Body star has been a paradigm of beauty in our society, renowned for her striking good looks the world over. Certainly, it would be hard to take “you look like Megan Fox” as anything less than a pretty high compliment, considering how revered her looks have become over the last several years.
Claudia Alende, who is from Brazil, looks so much like Fox, though, that it is actually pretty hard to tell them apart, so eerily similar are they in appearance. Alende, 23, has already racked up more Instagram followers than her body double/ long lost twin Megan Fox, with 8.9 million fans following her progress on the social networking app.
There are definitely worse people to get compared to though, so I guess she can’t complain too much…