10 Odd Addictions That Are Shockingly Real

Eating/Drinking Sugar

You can be legitimately addicted to, and knowledge withdraws from, sugar. Refined sugar/ cane sugar is really truly evil for you (though corn syrup is arguably eviler), but horribly for most of us, it’s also in just about everything that’s concocted. Most people addicted to sugar don’t even apprehend it because it’s such a regular part of our nutrition. Your brain prepares sugar as an award, which leads to obsession and cravings. You CAN retrain your taste buds by leaving out all sugar for various weeks (including natural sugar), but it’s a rough few weeks because the retracts are no joke; Stress, despair, annoyance, desires, headaches, tiredness, and muscle aches are all regular sugar remove symptoms.

Eating Chalk

Consuming chalk is a weirdly prevalent form of pica, for both children and adults. While chalk is labeled non-toxic, during production it can be infected with everything from rat poop and bugs to metal shavings, as well as elements used throughout the making process.


Bodybuilding addiction is held as a separate addiction from exercise, though it quiet pretty much is based around being in charge, or endeavoring the “perfect” body or physique, much like those addicted to plastic surgery. It’s described as muscular dysmorphia or bigorexia, and like every addiction, it can take over someone’s life and lose them money, relationships, and even their health.