You Should Never Do These 8 Things To Your Lady Parts

It is necessary to recognize your body particularly your privates. There is so much misinformation around that we believes in. As an example, often times in the media we see women orgasm within seconds of action but in reality not all woman can even leave from penetration. One study says 75% of females require excitement of the clitoris to attain climax. And that’s not the only point, There are many a lot more that you need to understand about lady parts .


In some cases a little is needed to make things satisfying for the lady. But not just anything will certainly do. Stay clear of anything with flavors or that offer a warming feelings as they can cause inflammation.

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Vajazzling is now a popular thing among women. You add sparkly gems outside the area after a wax. While that’s cool, avoid putting anything inside and keep it closer to the stomach area if you can.


Some woman say that taking some sugar and also scrubing it down there will make it taste much better for your partner. Do not do it will upset the pH balance which might trigger yeast infections.