Netflix’s Sex Education Shocking Opening Scenes

Sex Education is super charming and sensual and playful and genuine. It’s one of the most enthusiastic shows on Netflix right now with audiences lapping up every second of it.

The first season was an unparalleled hit – and fans anticipated the drop of season two.

Just days ago it finally came onto Netflix and we were all very excited to switch it on. But, what’s that opening scene.

Well it’s very unexpected.

Sex Education premiered in Netflix just a few weeks ago.

#SexEducation has come out with a bang — the unique and heartfelt series is on pace to be watched by over 40 million accounts over its first month

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And it is previously quite the banger. Over 40 million accounts will watch it in its first month out.

The show hearts around Otis, the awkward, sort of nerdy son of a sex therapist.

The show is funny, real, hearty, and full of sex.

And you should definitely watch it if you haven’t previously. It’s eight episodes of total pleasure.

Sex Education clearly plays into the high school stereotypes…

The troublemaker, the jock, the nerds, the outcasts… But it performs a great job of weakening those stereotypes and making its actors three-dimensional.

In short, there are a bunch of reasons why it’s become a huge hit.

I tend to agree with this person, who described the show as a “MUST WATCH.”

Some noticed that the show also adopts from other high school shows like My So-Called Life.

Sex Education on Netflix is sort of swiping story beats from My So-Called Life but it’s so sweet and charming and funny that I don’t mind at all and also, steal from the best, right? Anyway, highly recommended if you’re in the mood for good-hearted British teenage dreamed.— Zack Stentz (@MuseZack) January 14, 2019