Mother Noticed Black Dots Inside Her Baby’s Nose And This Is Warning For All

This incident took place when Meghan Budden was just starting to feed her baby boy, Jimmy. Her child was lying on bed in such a way that his mother could see inside his nose. Meghan noticed black Dots inside Jimmy’s nose which took her by surprise.

Just like any mom, she got bit worried and started looking for possible answers. Suddenly she remembered something from the previous night that she had lightened two full-size scented candles in the room, that burned for approx six hours.

Meghan while in interview tole that when she purchased candles, she ignored the warnings mentioned below it; like many of us do and that’s where the problems began.

Warning on the label was: “Do not burn candles more than three hours at single time”

Due to the extended amount of time, the candles  produced the toxic substance called soot .

According to the environmental health and safety firm Cashin and Associates: “Breathing of these tiny particles can cause asthma, coronary heart disease,  bronchitis, and many other respiratory problems. Particle exposure leads to near 20,000 premature deaths only in America each year.”

During her interview Meghan Budden shares : “My experience could be a learning for everyone, especially mothers who should take time to read the warning below all the things which are kept and used around their babies.