Monkeys Filmed Screaming in Pain Inside German Lab

It is a bloodcurdling truth of our world that animal testing still goes on, despite countless efforts being made to cease this barbarous practice but a video went viral few days ago of german lab where monkeys filmed screaming.

Innocent animals are tormented in the name of science and it is completely meaningless. PETA found that animal testing wastes the lives of both animal and human and also causes a huge waste of precious resources by trying to infect animals with diseases that they would never normally get. Because human and animals have completely different anatomies and physiology.

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However, a German lab, where atrocious experiments were being conducted on helpless animals has been raided this week and, thankfully, it is being shut down after distressing undercover footage emerged online.

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Animal testing is done in the name of research and science. There are laboratories all around the world that conduct animal testing. Animals used in these laboratories are harmed, and are usually killed at the end of the experiments.

These experiments are brutal and merciless.

They often include injecting and force-feeding animals with harmful and toxic substances, exposing them to radiation, surgically removing animals’ organs and limbs, forcing them to inhale toxic gasses, and putting them through poor creatures too terrible situations.