Mom Spends Isolation Cooking 80 Meals a Day for Helpless People

Everyone’s priority is keeping their family safe and fed during this trial, but for those who don’t have people to care for them, or who are most at danger, things are seeming pretty scary.

One woman has performed above and beyond for her local area, she spends day after day doing the most heartwarming thing for those that are too weak to move out of the home.

Others are coming collectively to ride out this pandemic as a society, but some are going even faraway to help those in need.

One mom has worked above and ahead for her community. The charitable mom has started a soup kitchen from her own house, cooking up to eighty meals a day for weak people in her community.

She has contributed 10 hours a day cooking free food. Sophie Mears, from Dorset, UK, has been making food packages for people who are weak to flee from their homes during this trial. Council told her she ought to stop!

The good samaritan’s act of service was practically shut down when council officials told her she required a food hygiene certificate, and they couldn’t give an investigation due to the health emergency.

Sophie could have simply stopped supporting, and shut it down. But she pleaded and pleaded with the authorities, to which they allowed to carry out a virtual examination.