Mom Arrested and Tased for Not Putting on a Face Mask at Her Son’s School Football Game

Things are beginning to revert to normal notwithstanding the country still facing heightened cases of the virus, and as the need for more precautions becomes even more obvious, some feel they don’t need to adhere to pharmaceutical guidelines.

Right now the United States is the worst afflicted country in the world but is it because people are acting so carelessly? Even though several states have announced states of emergencies, it seems as though some people really don’t care.

As if they are resistant to the lethal virus. Although the country is still undergoing heightened cases of coronavirus, things have risen to get back to normal, we’ve all had to adjust to a new way of living.

Despite these subtle changes, people are still grappling to adapt to these necessary precautions. In the past few weeks, we’ve been trying to get back to regularity…

With things starting to reopen again. But whilst things are growing back to normal, we must still take preventive measures.