Michael Jackson Without All Plastic Surgery With Photoshop

When Michael Jackson expired in 2009, he was almost evocative of the pop star that the world had befallen in love within the 1970s and early ’80s.

Even more extra than the unusual and scandal-laden performance was the radical changes he made to his face.

…and this is what he seemed like towards the end of his time.

He underwent dozens of procedures that cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars.

The inclination to plastic surgery started in the early ’80s and proceeded throughout the end of his life.

Many are left questioning what Michael would have seemed like if he hadn’t experienced the pattern of cosmetic methods which involved, but aren’t limited to…

…cheek implants, skin bleaching, chin restructuring, botox, fillers, and lip enlargement.

Those all followed his first surgery, a nose job in 1979.

He kept continued working on his nose across the years as it appeared to get shorter and sharper.

Next in his life, he’d had much work performed on it that the airways were obstructed.

Luckily for his occupation, it never influenced his chanting voice, though he wasn’t vocalizing often at the end of his career.