Mia Khalifa punched a guy in the face because he was trying to take a selfie with her

If someone is famous personality it will be difficult for him or her to enjoy the delights of personal life. It can get very frustrating when they get stalked around and when someone invade their privacy. Almost all the celebrities encounter paparazzi, who try to take pictures of them without giving their consent. The same scenario was set before the former porn star Mia Khalifa

when a fan from Texas came out of nowhere and took a selfie with the actress without asking for her permission. Outraged by the act Mia khalifa punched this guy in the face.

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No one knows exactly why Mia Khalifa left the porn industry. Many people say it was maybe due to the threats from her country people while others contradict the statement. So what does Mia Khalifa do after retiring?