Man Sets World Record for Not Blinking for 1 Hour

Actor, Paolo Ballesteros, has made headlines for not blinking for 1 hour this week for his entry into the World Records. I had never heard of the Filipino actor until I learned about his success.

Today’s hero is the Filipino actor, Paolo Ballesteros, who held back the urge of blinking for an unparalleled period of time.

We all agree that we also had these blinking contest with our friends…

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After maybe thirty seconds, your eyes start to dry out, they begin to tingle, to burn, and all you want to do is blink.

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If you think that you don’t blink that often or have trained yourself to give the ultimate long stare, then you may get a chance to beat Ballesteros’ record…

But I don’t think this record will ever be broken…

via: YouTube/ Daniel Papelleras Eyas

This guy is a robot, a non-blinking robot.